The name “Quantamentals” reflects the unique combination of the two investment philosophies that inspired the strategy. ‘Quantitative’ refers to the data-driven, rules-based stock selection and trading strategy employed by the fund. ‘Fundamental’ refers to the intuitive, operating business metrics used to select stocks.

The factors used to drive stock selection are heavily influenced by private equity investing principles, as the founders of Quantamentals all have private equity backgrounds. Through focusing on business metrics like returns on capital, growth, and valuation, we seek to build a portfolio of high quality businesses at reasonable prices. All stock selections are based on a proprietary model that dynamically alters factor weights over time and unemotionally selects the top candidates.

Trading is similarly conducted in a rules-based and tax-efficient manner. We systematically seek to harvest all losses as short-term capital losses, and ensure gains are long-term capital gains, often realized 2-3 years after initial purchase.

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