Our goal is to deliver superior long-term appreciation of capital through intuitive and tax-efficient investment strategies.

Quantamentals Management Group is a long-only investment manager based in San Francisco, California. We focus on investing into large-cap US public equities using a formulaic, rules-driven, and tax-efficient strategy.

The firm was founded on the investment philosophy that a portfolio of stocks could be systematically created using business metrics that are typically more favored by private equity investors. Such a portfolio of high quality businesses at reasonable valuations would be a desirable basket of stocks to own, and would outperform the market over time.

Quantamentals was founded in 2010 by Aleem and Raheem Choudhry, two brothers with collectively over 29 years of finance and investing experience. After several years of testing and development, Quantamentals Large-Cap Fund, L.P. was established and opened to investors in April 2016.

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